jrw = Jareware = Jarno Rantanen

Hi, I'm Jarno, a geek from the Helsinki-region. I work with the awesome people at Futurice and am finalizing my thesis for a master's degree in Computer Science at the Aalto University. You can reach me by email at firstname@jrw.fi. CV and references on request. Drop me a line on Twitter or LinkedIn, or a line of code in GitHub.

I've most recently specialized in web frontend development, and have presented on the topic at local user groups Helsinki JS and Frontend Finland. I'm also fairly active on #javascript.fi.

I don't have a blog, but I occasionally gist, about things like simple S3 backups, customizing ESLint, Advanced SCSS, or the new Compass flexbox mixins.

Stuff I've done that's publicly available include things like viewports (SASS microlibrary for managing media queries), WGS84-travel (coordinate manipulation with GPX export), xpath2rss (XPath-based web-scraper producing RSS), JSON-DTO (DTO-binding module for the Play! Framework), and backbone-touchbind (simple fastclick-integration to Backbone).